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Car computer - OliviaDrive Pro

2.99 usd

This program is car computer for the car which is able to show the basic required parameters:1) Flow rate cars per hour and 100 kilometers;2) Consumption of the car at 100 km;3) Spent fuel for the trip;4) Distance traveled per trip;5) Engine speed;6) Speed;7) The temperature of the engine;8) The voltage of the car;9) High speed
Also there is a cumulative log book, a variety of settings for the correct operation of the program, dynamic parameters with charts PID 100 count, read the menu and reset the error.
The advantages of this program:
1) The program runs as a service and it can be minimized during operation to answer the call or read SMS.
2) The program is applied constant is not a constant value of volumetric efficiency of the engine, and a variable schedule of values ​​depending on engine speed. (this is true only for the calculation of the flow of the pressure sensor MAP).
3) There is a correction rate of long-term and short-term correction of the ECU on the car lyamba probes.
4) Apply a mechanism for identifying engine braking on engine load (RND) or FuelSystemStatus as is the mode of FSS + SPEED or blackout.
5) There is a reading mode parameters Group request that can update data such as Renault Duster at speeds up to 10 times per second!